Denny Sanford’s generosity has been the catalyst for many remarkable accomplishments at Sanford Health. The organization has received nearly $1 billion in gifts to accelerate work in promising medical fields such as adult stem cell research, immunotherapy and genomic medicine.

Rising from humble beginnings in St. Paul, Minn., Mr. Sanford became a self- made billionaire. However, his upbringing and the loss of his mother to breast cancer at a young age instilled in him a desire to make the world a better place. Mr. Sanford began investing in programs that would have the most impact for the most people. He saw the great potential in our health system and thus began a wonderful partnership founded on trust and built on a vision of a better tomorrow.

Mr. Sanford has become a driving force in modern medicine, enabling Sanford Health researchers and clinicians to think big and pursue bold, innovative endeavors at a pace not otherwise possible. His goal is to give away his entire fortune within the course of his lifetime.